Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our family has so many things to be grateful for this year. Here are a few things that made it onto our Thanksgiving tree:

Daddy is thankful for America, our Prophet and friends.
Mommy is thankful for scriptures, music, books,Thanksgiving, Hannah, Grace, and Sariah.
Hannah is thankful for her parents, school, animals, food, the earth, the Gospel and her family.
 Grace is thankful for her body, clothes, our house, trees, and Jesus.
Sariah is thankful for her toys and mommy (her sisters helped come up with these ones but I bet its just what Sariah would say).
Hannah also made this awesome Turkey at school and here's what it says: 
I am thankful for food because it is yummy.
I am thankful for everything because it is very amazing. 
I am thankful for school because I can learn.
I am thankful for my healthy body because I can go to school. 
I am thankful for my backpack because I can put my school stuff in it.
 I am thankful for my church because I can learn about God. 
I am thankful for my teacher Mrs Segura because she is amazing.

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